Bob Garon (aka “Synergy Bob“) is a Kettlebell coach, recreational climber, OCR (obstacle course race) athlete, and ultra distance cyclist.

I believe the greatest benefit we get from our body is to train it as one unit, rather than a bunch of separate parts, because that is how we use it in life.  Life is constantly changing and so in my training style my focus is having no set cookie-cutter style and adapt every workout to not just my students, but each session depending on what their body is telling us that day. This keeps us constantly changing, never reaching a plateau, and always moving toward a Strong Body, Strong Mind.

IKFF Nationals 2011 Bob Garon

Formerly a U.S. Naval fireman, Bob decided that health and fitness is his passion. Since 1998 Bob Garon has been professionally training and is certified through the International Sports and Science Association as a Professional Fitness Trainer. He is also an American Kettlebell Alliance (AKA) member and holds certifications as a Certified Kettlebell Coach, mentored under Steve Cotter & Ken Blackburn, through the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF), through the World Kettlebell Club (WKC) under Valery Fedorenko, World Champion in Kettlebell Lifting and Honored Master of Sport with over 20 years experience, and also through the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy (IKSFA) under the most decorated Kettlebell coaches worldwide Sergey Rudnev & Sergey Rachinskiy with well over 30 years experience each.

Bob owns and operates Kettlebell Training gyms in St. Charles, Dixon, and Rochelle, Illinois called Synergy Kettlebell Training which specialize in group kettlebell workouts and high intensity interval fitness coaching.  Our focus is helping people get fit, stay fit and live longer, healthier lives through Kettlebell fitness piggybacked by clean, solid eating habits.

Certification Experience
Head Synergy Kettlebell Coach
IKSFA Certified Kettlebell Coach
WKC Certified Kettlebell Trainer
IKFF Certified Kettlebell Teacher
ISSA Certied Professional Fitness Trainer
AKA Member
Certified Dynamic Variable Resistance Trainer (sandbag training course)
CPR/AED certified
B.A. Business Management

Currently Bob Garon holds Rank 1 in Long Cycle, a Kettlebell Sport event, in the  WKC, IKFF, and IKSFA organizations and Rank 2 in Snatch in the AKA. He has both participated in and prepared people for Kettlebell Sport events, Tough Mudder events, Spartan Race events, Warrior Dash events, Skyrise Chicago Willis Tower 103 Floor Climb, 5k, 10k, 15k, triathlon, and marathon events to successfully complete each one with great results.

Bob Garon Indy Spartan Sprint 2014

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