Taste or No Taste? …Is that really the question?

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I agree that food should taste good.  We definitely should enjoy it.  Most people, however, eat to have taste of the given food and nothing more.  Much of the food they eat that may taste good can be and is usually garbage depending on their lifestyle. We all know saying:  garbage in, garbage out.  If you eat non-healthy food you will have an unhealthy body, but if you eat ...
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Green? Let’s Go White!

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According to many experts White Vinegar has 1001 uses.  It can be used in cooking and cleaning as well as gardening and home remedies.  Many companies are “going green” with their chemicals to help protect the environment; however in the midst of doing so their chemicals are still very harmful to us and our bodies.  White vinegar may just be our answer.  I, personally, have ...
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Healthy Spanish Omelete For You To Enjoy!

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With the Spanish Omelet you are basically making an egg pancake which is filled with all your desired ingredients.

Ingredients: (Of course this is just for this one, but you can toss in anything you want.)

5 – 10 organic eggs
1 half of a red and 1 half of a yellow bell pepper
1 white onion
2 – 4 cloves of garlic
Coconut Oil or ...

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