062308 Workout

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Bikrim Yoga-

This was my first time taking this class. A client of mine recommended it to me about a year ago, but I just got around to trying it.

I loved it!

The class was 90 min. long, 106 degrees and 40% humidity indoors, and amazingly energizing. I had the yoga mat beneath me with a dense towel on top of that. By the time class was over that towel was so drenched it probably weighed 5lbs.
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061808 Update

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I completed my first workout around 2:30PM and decided around 6:30PM that it wasn't good enough.

So I decided to workout with one of my clients.

We performed 15 Sets of:
36/36 KB Swings @ 16kg

I averaged 30 swings per set. Half of the sets were around 29 & 30 reps and the other half were around 31 & 32.

Now I feel great!

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The Past Few Days…

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I somehow injured my right side glute and lumbar spine area and had to take off a couple days. It’s feeling much better now.
I saw my Chiropractor on Tuesday followed by a massage. That was very nice and seemed to help.
My diet has been spot on and I’ve dropped back down to about 8.5% Bodyfat. I feel great except for the lingering injury in my shoulder and the new one I previously mentioned.

061908 Training:

5 Rounds ...

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3 min. on rower
A couple light Power Hang Clean sets

BB Power Cleans:
135#/12 reps x 2 sets

BB Snatches:
65#/12 reps x 3 sets
-This didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. I’m still having problems getting all the way down into an overhead squat. I can get down half way which is still better than before. I’ll be working more on that.

Distance Lunges:
A touch more than a 1/10 of a mile= 530 ft.

3 min. on ...

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