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7am- woke up and drank 1 tblspn of psyllium seed husk in 10oz of water.


My Super Breakfast Smoothie:
1. 1.5-2 cups of water
2. 1 tblspn of Barlean’s Flaxseed Oil
3. 2 strawberries
4. A very small handful of mixed greens

5. 1 serving of Udo’s Choice: Wholesome Fast Food (powder with a whole lot ...

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10x (20s on and 20s off) 40# Sandbag(on shoulder) Sprint

3 Rounds
Two handed swings- 10x 28kg
One handed Clean and then Press- 3x 28kg

5 pistols each leg, 5 hindu push ups
6x Sandbag Get-ups per side

2 Rounds
5 Pistols(each leg), 5 Hindu Push-Ups
20 Sandbag Squats

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Blending The Raw

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There has always been a wonder of mine as to the benefit of juicing produce rather than simply eating it. I never juice because I would like to get the fruit/veggie in it’s entirety. I thought that by blending the entire produce together and then drinking it(because it’s faster and easier than wasting time to sit and eat) one would get the entire health benefit such as nutrients AND fiber. My thinking on simply juicing would seem to neglect ...

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My back has been feeling very good lately and I’m very, very glad cause this has been something that has plagued me for almost 2 years since the original herniation injury. I’ve been doing a lot more specific back and hamstring stretching which I believe has been the reason why. I also have laid off of certain things just to give it a rest. I’m really listening to my body as to when I need a break ...

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Water Bells

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Today I decided to incorporate the pool and Kettlebells again.
I really enjoyed myself.


20x Single Arm Swings @ 16kg

One length swim and get out on the other side and perform 3x One Arm Pushups

Swim back and repeat swings

Swim the length again and perform 10 Pistols per leg.

Repeat that 3 more times, but only perform pistols.

Total Swings= 200(100 per arm)
Total One Arm Pushups= 3 per arm
Total Pistols= 80(40 per leg)

Overall it felt good and ...

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