The World’s Greatest Stretch

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This is “The World’s Greatest Stretch” and it is so fantastic for opening the hips, lengthening our hamstrings, and lumbar spine (lower back). Practice it during warm-ups, cool downs, and even on rest days to re-energize and increase mobility.

The World’s Greatest Stretch is taught by Coach Bob Garon, owner of Synergy Kettlebell Training in St. Charles, IL.

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Kettlebell Figure 8 Snatch from Bob Garon, Synergy Kettlebell St. Charles Trainer

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My son Brayden and I came up with an original Kettlebell exercise that we are going to call the “Synergy Snatch” or aka “Figure 8 Snatch”. No matter what you call it, it is our new favorite Kettlebell exercise and we’re rolling it out now into our Synergy Kettlebell classes.

The Figure 8 and the Snatch are both very fun and beneficial Kettlebell exercises. So what we started doing at Synergy Kettlebell is combining the two for ...

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Watch Synergy Kettlebell Sport Classes In Action

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Watch the video above for a quick sneak peak
at one of our Kettlebell classes at Synergy Kettlebell St. Charles!!


We had a good handful of people claim victory over our 8ft wall when they had never attempted to climb it ...

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“Swing It Fast, Snatch It Hard” Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

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Swing Hard Snatch Fast

Workouts 1-12


[longer sets, lighter weight, 20+ reps]

Theme Perspective:

During WEEK 1 of our theme on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll be having A LOT of Snatching, Tuesday and Thursday very ...

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