The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training: The Snatch Part 1

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Kettlebell Snatch Technique Series, Part 1: Undersquat

By: Coach Denis Kanygin


Kettlebell snatch is one of my favorite lifts. It is also one of the more technical and challenging lifts to do correctly.

I get many questions about snatches and as a ...

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The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training: The Swing

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Kettlebells Russia

The “style” of kettlebell training I practice is called Girevoy Sport or G.S. It is a fluid style where the body works as efficiently as it can to move the weight throughout the given range of the desired movement.  Our goal is to primarily achieve an overall strength endurance so we only utilize the necessary muscles without purposely and needlessly over exerting as taught  by other schools or ...

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The LCCJ Cornerstone

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(Long Cycle Clean and Jerk)

I have formed the opinion that the Long Cycle Clean and Jerk (LCCJ) is the cornerstone of Kettlebell Lifting whether for Fitness or Sport. Although many view the Snatch is the “TZAR” of all KB lifts I will attempt to build a case for the LCCJ.


There is no argument that the swing is the basic building block of KB lifting. This motion is used ...

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