Sizzling Tabata Kettlebell Workout Theme

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Sizzling Tabata

Whether you are running, walking, or cycling outdoors this summer it is essential to include your Kettlebell cross-training into your program because it makes you a stronger runner & cyclist alongside will keep your body from cannibalizing your muscle tissue from all the cardio miles.

Our new theme at Synergy Kettlebell ...

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Can’t STOP Won’t STOP Kettlebell Workout Theme

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cant stop wont stop

Can’t STOP Won’t STOP

Workouts 1-12

Here is our new theme starting on Monday, May 26th. These WODs are polar opposite from what we have been doing so they are a great change up for everyone. Remember the essence of Click Here And Continue Reading →

From Your Coach: Before Every Workout

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The other day I broke one of my own cardinal rules. I was coming off of a stressful night with my son and then woke up early. Long story short, I was tired and unmotivated. So the last thing I truly wanted to do was workout, but I knew I needed to and knew I had to stick to my schedule or I would get out of habit.

Not only that, but ...

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