Kettlebell Figure 8 Snatch from Bob Garon, Synergy Kettlebell St. Charles Trainer

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My son Brayden and I came up with an original Kettlebell exercise that we are going to call the “Synergy Snatch” or aka “Figure 8 Snatch”. No matter what you call it, it is our new favorite Kettlebell exercise and we’re rolling it out now into our Synergy Kettlebell classes.

The Figure 8 and the Snatch are both very fun and beneficial Kettlebell exercises. So what we started doing at Synergy Kettlebell is combining the two for an even bigger bang for your buck. Give it a try and see what you think.

My recommendation is to start with a set of 4 minutes straight, non-stop work, and progress your way up to a 10 minute set. Start using a Kettlebell weight that is comfortable for you to use, say a medium weight (not too heavy, but not too light), and if it feels easier then increase your reps to ratchet up your intensity. That way you experience a better workout without having to go heavier from the start.

When you can perform an 8-10 minute set with the starting weight you chose then it becomes time to shorten your set and increase your Kettlebell weight so that you are always challenging yourself.

By overcoming challenges we are able to progress. It is through our challenges that we become stronger. Let me know what you think and how it goes for you. For more exercise tips, workouts, and free Kettlebell technique videos visit my website here:

Committed to your best,
Coach Bob Garon

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