You like Aerosmith right? I like Aerosmith!! How super cool would it be to have a backstage pass to an Aerosmith concert to meet the band and get their autographs?! Ok so EVEN IF you don’t like Aerosmith that’s fine… just swap them for your all time favorite band. Then imagine right now that you are holding 2 tickets to VIP Backstage Passes to that band and you’re standing in line behind the only door separating you from giving a high five to your “Steven Tyler”.

How incredibly excited would that make you? OMG pretty super excited!!!

Well I have the Synergy Kettlebell Training equivalent for you!! I’m giving you a special back stage All-Access Pass to the complete Synergy Kettlebell experience and right now you are first in line behind the only door separating you from having specially designed Kettlebell workouts right at your fingertips. These are the exact same as what I use every day in all of our Synergy Kettlebell classes. Now you have it to see for yourself and I hold nothing back from your workout experience. You get 100% complete instruction of my cutting edge program design in plain language you can understand with any uncommon or new exercises always including videos for those and/or transcriptions.





  • 5-6 specially designed At-Home Kettlebell workouts to choose from each week to perform at home if you are unable to frequent our Synergy Kettlebell classes onsite.
  • Very detailed video instruction.
  • Transcribed descriptions of all exercises so you know exactly what to do and you get the most success out of your at-home training sessions.
  • All-Access to the Synergy Member’s Only Area with the following available downloads: 
            • Synergy Survival Guide (cutting edge nutritional info)
            • Quick Guide To Eating Out
            • 3-Day Cleanse (we guarantee you will drop at least 6lbs in those 3 days)
            • And more…
  • Bonus!  Motivational Video of the Week


The Kettlebell fitness fat blasters are the same workouts I have performed and tested to burn the most fat and increase your fitness strength right in our Synergy Kettlebell Training gyms. So I KNOW they work and work VERY well to get your results fast!

Here is an example of a Synergy Kettlebell online training workout:

Your Kettlebell Fat Blaster: AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes

6x Commando Pushups
8x Double Squat Thrusters
10x Double Cleans (same weight as thrusters)
12x Tick Tock each side (start standing with feet together, posture with shoulders back/ core tight with belly button in to activate the “TVA”- like a proud Marine at attention, hold 1 bell in each hand, lean to the right, try to lean far enough so the bell drops past the knee, then immediately lean to the left to do the same, go back n forth at a moderate controlled pace 10x each side- 20 total)
14x Suitcase Deadlift (you do not need to use doubles for this, you can hold one heavy bell and switch half way, video demo at 2:20, NOTE: in this video she demos Suitcase LUNGES, BUT we are going to do Suitcase DEADLIFTS. You hold them the same way, position feet 3 inches apart & then with bodyweight on heels squat down and stand up squeezing your glutes “aka cracking walnuts between your cheeks”.)

Core Domination Finisher: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest for 8 Minutes
T Push-Ups
Kettlebell Goblet Sit-Up (hold the KB at your chest)
Wall-Sit with KB (held with arms straight out from chest)

Partner with me and let’s get started getting you your results. Follow my plan, put in the work, and your results will come… GUARANTEED!

Synergy Kettlebell All-Access Pass For At-Home Training

(Includes All-Access Synergy Pass for all nutrition downloads and 5-6 Kettlebell Workouts sent to your inbox every week on Sunday.)