“Swing It Fast, Snatch It Hard” Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

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Swing Hard Snatch Fast

Workouts 1-12


[longer sets, lighter weight, 20+ reps]

Theme Perspective:

During WEEK 1 of our theme on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll be having A LOT of Snatching, Tuesday and Thursday very little to no overhead and more core work. Then during WEEK 2 we will be flip flopping that.

We start everything off with a BIG MAD MINUTES MONDAY!! Also lots of “Tabatas” are mixed in too!!! This theme has it all so be ready to rock da bells!!!

Synergy Kettlebell Aurora gym strong women

Here’s a sample similar to one of the workouts we will be doing in Swing It Fast, Snatch It Hard.

But first here is our warmup & cooldown series that we do as a group at Synergy Kettlebell because we know that it is ALWAYS important to do both surrounding a workout. By doing this your body is less prone to injury as well as becomes much more loose and flexible rather than hard and tight.

Warmup:” This prepares you for today’s workout!”

Synergy Dynamics mobility drills standing series

Movement Segment: Go Light, Go Slow
25x One Arm Lazy Swings- R/L (keep the KB below waist height on every rep)
20x Jumping High Knees
15x Pushups
10x Double Cleans (med bell)

Cool Down: “This prepares you for your next workout!”

Synergy dynamic floor sequence and foam roll


Your SNATCH-O-RAMA Blaster: R1, NO REST btwn sets, one hand switch only at half way
S90 Jerk- R
S90 Half Snatch- R
S90 Jerk- L
S90 Half Snatch- L

M3 rest

M2 Double Jerk
M2 rest
M2 Double Half Snatch

Tabata Blaster: S20 work/ S10 active rest for M12
Goblet Squats (squat down low… real low & drive up fast on heels)
Cleans- R/L (use doubles if you’d like)
Kettlebell Windshield Wipers (demo shows a plate being used, but use a KB & keep arms perfectly straight and at no time should the elbows bend. The bell/arms should remain straight upright at all times. No KB Mod HERE)
Seal Jacks




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