“Swing It Fast, Snatch It Hard” Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

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Swing Hard Snatch Fast

Workouts 1-12


[longer sets, lighter weight, 20+ reps]

Theme Perspective:

During WEEK 1 of our theme on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we’ll be having A LOT of Snatching, Tuesday and Thursday very ...

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Benefits Of Our “No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution” Workouts

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January was our month focused on “Power” and it gives way to a month next focused on “Strength”. During January how have you seen your body change from just 30 days ago. How else can you change yourself in the next 7 days?

My REVO 2015

During our “No RESOlution, Kettlebell REVOlution” theme we did ...

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What Are The Best Kettlebell Exercises?

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I often get asked what the best exercises are and which Kettlebell exercise is the best. I say to always stick to the basics because the basic always work.

They are swing, snatch, jerk, long cycle clean and jerk, some front (aka rack) squats, TGUs (turkish get up) are good too.

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Making Your Kettlebell Snatch More Efficient PART 4

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In PART 4 I overview the most common mistakes people make when performing the Kettlebell Snatch. Once corrected, you will become more efficient in this wonderful full-body movement. It will be better & safer for your lower back, shoulders, and grip. You will also increase your overall performance too!

Watch more Kettlebell Technique videos here: http://www.bobgarontraining.com/making-your-kettlebell-snatch-more-efficient-video-series

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Kettlebell Workout: Unleash Your Inner Superhero #7

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Unleash Your Inner Superhero Workout #7 PARTNER SERIES



Deep within us lies a plethora of strength. Sometimes fear blocks it, but our strength is still there.

We have more strength inside us than we ever will outside us. Digging deep past our superficial fears to the substance which keeping us pushing forward no matter what is ahead is the driving motivational force that will make us conquer anything.

Accept that ...

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