Walk Like A Kettlebeller workout theme

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Walk Like A Kettlebeller

Join us for our brand NEW Synergy Kettlebell workout theme we’re calling “Walk Like A Kettlebeller“!

During this theme we will learn & practice all the qualities it takes to be a Kettlebell lifter.

During each “Walk Like A Kettlebeller” themed Kettlebell workout we will have some sort of ...

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Kettlebell Marathon workout theme

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Kettlebell Marathon

We’ve had a crazy intense last couple of Synergy themes and with this one we’re getting back to the basics.
Long timed sets, they’re the basic foundation of authentic Kettlebell Training.

If you were running a marathon, or even a 5k, you wouldn’t stop at mile 2 or 7 or 19. We would stop ...

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“100% EFFORT” Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

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Theme Talking Points

Our Mantra: Give your maximum and make sure it’s your 100% best that you can give!!

Every second counts and stopping before the last second is unacceptable. We don’t stop when we’re tired. We go until we’re done no matter how we feel. That’s what makes us stronger. During active rest sets ...

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Kettleburn Workout Theme

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Kettleburn 1



Ignite the intensity of your effort and put your excuses behind you to go after that body you’ve always wanted! It’s not going to come over night, but it will come much quicker putting your best effort!

ALWAYS REMEMBER: Nothing worth having, ever comes ...

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Unleash Your Inner Superhero

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Unleash Your Inner SuperheroOur current Synergy Kettlebell workout theme is: “Unleash Your Inner Superhero”.

Deep within us lies a plethora of strength. Sometimes fear blocks it, but our strength is still there.

We have more strength inside us than we ever will outside us. Digging deep past our ...

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