Why Cardio Exercises Make You Gain Weight

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I absolutely LOVE our Synergy fam and how awesome you all are… SERIOUSLY!! I was having an email discussion withone of you today and this person was saying how their boss was complaining that he biked 35 miles last night, then ran 3 miles after that, and was wondering why he gained 1.5 lbs yesterday.

Check out what this dude is eating: He ate a McDonald’s breakfast burrito and large coke for breakfast. Had a roast beef sandwich with chips for lunch and then a burger, fries and a couple beers for dinner last night as well as a couple cokes throughout the day…

So this particular Synergy member started “preaching” the goodness of eating clean and dude turned his nose up and was like – “yuck fruits and veggies“!!! So our favorite Synergy member then asked what have they (the Synergy member) turned into? LOL

I then thought how amazing it was that I was able to tell this person this: You’ve turned into a healthy person who will live a long and comfortable life instead of being plagued by illness. You are someone who will keep up with your grandchildren. You are someone who will not go up and down in your weight because YOUR BODY is well balanced with clean eating. You are someone who never will have to complain about your body in any way whatsoever because you know what it takes to keep your figure and you do those things every day.

Wow what an awesome, awesome story about how you cannot out-train a crappy diet isn’t it?!!! Let’s keep this alive in YOU too!  Work at it every day… we’re becoming better, healthier versions of ourselves by consistently making incremental daily changes- some physical and many mental. Keep it up! 🙂

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