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Before discovering Kettlebells and clean eating, I struggled with my weight & energy too. I was also suffering from 2 herniated discs which made it near impossible to even get around. Now knowing the things that I know I’m not keeping it to myself. My goal is to share my story, and all new information I learn along the way on my journey, with as many people as I can. That’s the purpose of our blog. Check out our newest article.

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  • I like the 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program for me cause it makes the act of eating and exercising a lot better then when I have to bear through it alone. Thanks Bob for teaching and helping me drop 60lbs!–Judi M. I lost 8.2 lbs and gained an amazing amount of energy! Lost 1inch in my waist and 1inch in my hips and gained a major amount of self confidence!–Kayte H. I fit into clothes I haven't in almost a year, and loving all the compliments!!! I'm definitely feeling the change!!!!–Brenda M.

  • Bob your 14 Day Fat Blast program is amazing!! As a mother of three I understand I need a lot of patience and dedication to experience fitness and health results. Thanks for your help!–Meesha S. Because of the Synergy Kettlebell Training training, I have more strength, confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth. I also found out that working out isn't so bad after all. Now I look forward to being active every day. Bob doesn't just teach me fancy exercises that will impress people, but instead he teaches me that the body is a temple and should be treated with the highest respect.–Joni M. Bob I can’t thank you enough for what 14 Day Fat Blast Nutrition Program has given me and honestly it’s the best investment I’ve made for myself. I’ve lost 67lbs. with your ongoing program and finally have energy to play with my kids. Thank you Bob!–Mac M.

  • Bob- You are a great supporter. I remember my first day of Synergy Kettlebell Training and I couldn't even do what I'm doing now. I've noticed I'm getting a lot more tone and that's what I have been wanting the most. Thanks for supporting us all and challenging us too.–Erica F. Bob your Fat Blast Nutrition Program is so paying off for me!! I was at work the other day and the softball guys came in and said wow your arms look great! Thanks Bob!!!!!!–Teresa B. Sometimes find myself saying “I can’t do it….today”, but I quickly lose that feeling with the confidence and push behind Bob’s words. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Thanks, Bob!–John B.